As it becomes available, we will post information relating to Education Loan Finance, Inc. and those securities and underlying assets found under our previous branding Educational Services of America, Inc. This website is now the most up-to-date repository for that information.
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Investor Contact Information

Trustee for all indentures

Relationship Manager/Assistant Vice President
Wells Fargo Bank, N. A.
Structured Products Services – ABS
625 Marquette Avenue
MAC N9311-161
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Office: (612) 316-0832
Fax: 1-866-634-0908

Information regarding current interest rates, accrued interest factors, and principal and interest payments is not currently available online. You may access this information on a Bloomberg Financial Markets terminal by typing EDUSA [Mtge] [GO].

For additional questions, you may email investors@edsouthservices.com.